February Fancies

Hi *|FNAME|*!

Well friends, it's official.  We're in it. January's test run is over and we're fully in 2018. Last month gave us some ups and downs (Up: Cardi B at the Grammys, Down: Trump, again).  And because Emotional Peacocks aren't a technically a thing, we hope these fancies will bring some joy to your day.

Amy's got some bougie gadgets for your taste buds and your butts, Ellie's found the perfect merging of her interests (music and ghost hunting), and Ryan's picked some products that will help your body and soul shine. Really, there's something for everyone. 

Now that it's February and the Blue Moon has passed, we hope you're jumping into this new month with a renewed energy and excitement for whatever lies ahead. It's harder than it sounds but, hey, you can do it. You've got this (even when it feels like you don't). 

Keep kicking ass X Chromers, 


Amy Fancies:

  • Will my fiance/houseguests be weirded out or thrilled by this $70 bidet? Prob both? Who cares?

  • Just discovered the ease, joy, and FREE graphic design site Canva to help my creatively-stunted design mind develop images for anything.

  • Stocking up on these *nice* wines by the glass for those winter nights when I want some vino but traveling the next day and don’t want to waste a bottle.

  • Let’s make croakies cool again!! (LOL remember Croakies?)


Ellie Fancies:

  • One of my 2018 resolutions is to decrease my reliance on fast fashion. So with that, check out my new favorite vintage shop, curated by country star Nikki Lane.

  • Do you know how toxic your beauty products are? This helpful app can make your routine more eco-friendly.

  • Raw Water is 2018’s dumbest trend so far. This promo vid proves it.

  • Ghost Adventures ft. Post Malone. Enough said.


Ryan Fancies:

  • Charcoal Deodorant  I’ve never tried something so incredibly smell proof. It works like a charm- and it’s vegan!

  • Terry it’s like a disco party for your eyelids.

  • Good Board balance your mind and body indoors.

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