Caitlin Howe


100 DAYS

About the Series: 
I am currently working my way through the tail end of my 100 Days project, where I aimed to create 100 new designs as a mental exercise. I didn't start this project with any parameters other than "do it." Throughout this process I've use a lot of different styles and experimented with different ways of working, but the pieces I feel most deeply engaged in lately are the collage pieces. 

My collage work is all made with found, creative commons imagery. I am drawn to historical and beautiful pieces of old media that are just sitting in some massive database, waiting to be discovered. For me, the collage is a challenge in image making, structure, and storytelling. But for the viewer, it is bringing detailed hand illustrations, beautiful scrip text, and bazaar mathematical graphs back to life. 


IG: cee.aye

Caitlin is a designer born and raised in Chicago. She currently works at Superfly. When she isn't in front of her computer she is exploring every new bar/restaurant/coffee shop that pops up around the city. She is a self-professed plant lady (see: cat lady, but with succulents), and an amateur nartist (nail artist.) 


X Chrome Collective