Amina Belouizdad

Each month we’ll feature one X Chrome Fave Babe and pick their brain for pearls of wisdom.


For our inaugural issue, we couldn’t be more excited to feature entrepreneur and woman of the world, Amina Belouizdad. Real estate investor by day and creator by night, Amina embodies the essence of X Chrome Collective.

As the co-founder of Bartaile, a female-founded startup designing accessories for people that are #goingplaces, it’s easy to see how connected Bartaile’s mission is to her own personal journey.

Born to Algerian parents who immigrated to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) for opportunity, it seems Amina has never been tethered to anything other than her own vision:

“I don't believe in this notion of home and I don’t believe in the notion of belonging to a place. [To me], home is where you are and where you want to be–that can be somewhere else tomorrow, somewhere else in 5 years, somewhere for 5 minutes, or somewhere for a lifetime. It's a very fluid concept and a very liberating thought for me.”

We spoke with Amina one March morning and she graciously fielded all of our questions as her newly neutered french bulldog puppies (two of them!) barked in the background. Even over the phone, her kindness, humility and passion were truly contagious; we hung up with her and Amy literally stood up and danced from excitement.

From attending McGill in Canada, to her early business ventures in China (developing boutique hotels!), grad school at Wharton, and now to her life in Houston, we were blown away by Amina’s intuitive ability to create. So what does it take to bring ideas into reality?

“It’s confidence. In my 20s, it was kind of stupid confidence–just feeling invincible and immortal. It was unfounded confidence, but it was confidence nonetheless. Now, in my 30s, my confidence based in knowing I’ve learned a lot and I have the tools. I’m in a position where I know Bartaile is going to work, I just do. If I didn't know this wasn’t gonna work I wouldn't do it.”

Amen, sister. Check out Amina’s ongoing Kickstarter Diaries on Forbes and don't forget to buy the brand new Nylux C12 before they're gone!

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X Chrome 7

1. Who or what inspires you?

The mantra "Make it happen" - we don't realize how much is actually in our control. It's easy to blame extraneous circumstances, but the bottom line is that it starts and ends with action.

2. What’s your superpower?

Balancing grit, grace and gusto - it's taken a lot of practice.

3. My biggest source of stress right now is…

How far away my family is (and how long it's taking for teleportation to be commercialized). I want to be able to snap my fingers and hang out with them, without embarking on a 12+ hour journey. Come on, Elon!

4. Most memorable vacation…

Island-hopping in Thailand with one of my best friends. We were young, silly, and felt (and unfortunately acted) like we were on top of the world. 

5. I am at my happiest when I am…

Mindful and present, whether at work or at play.

6. Favorite place you've lived...

Shanghai, China.

7. What does "home" mean to you?

Home is a choice. Right now, home is Houston, TX with my boyfriend Alex and my two Frenchies, Bobbie and Lou.


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