Nefarious Skate Crew

Getting To Know London's All-Girl Skate Crew

Written by Ellie Brzezenski 

All photos courtesy of Nefarious Skate Crew at

All photos courtesy of Nefarious Skate Crew at

For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with skate culture. Despite– or maybe because of– my lack of grace and coordination, I've always admired skaters' ability to cruise along pavement and when the inevitable crash happens, get up and do it again. I've followed the Nefarious Skate Crew girls for a while and loved from across the pond for their close-knit bonds, their do-good efforts and effortless cool. So as you can imagine I was so stoked to speak with Rachael and some other Neffas through email about skating, girl power and our shared love of pizza. 

XCC: From what I can see, you guys are super passionate and involved in your community. How did you get your start and grow your following?

Aimee Fung: It started around last summer, when a bunch of the original Neffas girls met via skating local parks. I joined in the late summer after meeting them at a Bay Sixty 6 night. Love at first sight mate.
Paula Viidu: I joined Nefarious in the beginning of 2016 and it was in full swing by that time. I’m probably one of the newest members and I started to meet some of the girlies during some all girl skate nights in London. I think I ended up joining because I weirded Aimee and Jenny out with my jokes enough times and somehow that did the trick.
Rachael: I went to a girls night alone almost two years ago and met a few of the girls there. We went for drinks afterwards and have been skating together and going to events ever since.

XCC: What are your various backgrounds and ages? What drew you all to skating?

NSC: We have loads of different backgrounds and nationalities and abilities. The age at one point ranged from 13- 32. That's the great thing about skateboarding is it breaks down barriers of class, age, gender, sexuality etc. The girl skate community is so rad and accepting.


XCC: What would you say Nefarious’ mission is?                                                                                                                          

NSC: We just want to have fun and be ourselves and show other girls that you can be who you want to be and not worry. I think it means a lot more to us older ones that can remember being picked on for being a girl skater or feeling like we couldn't skate because it was a “boy sport”. Times have definitely changed and it's great to see so many young girls killing it and doing what they love and also older girls deciding they will give it a go when before they were too afraid.

XCC: I saw you posted about Camp Rubicon, how’d you get involved with that and what’s the experience been like? 

NSC: Camp Rubicon is a great camp that Rachael and Kayleigh went on last year. It's one of the only girl skate camps in the UK and we'd definitely recommend it along with one that Girl Skate UK runs.

XCC: The world in general seems pretty effed right now (for us it feels like TRUMP is a cloud hanging over us). How has being a part of Nefarious helped you all deal with that?

NSC: Nefarious definitely helps with the stresses of everyday life and work. Luckily, we don't have Trump to deal with (but we do have Brexit looming over us and a terrible Tory government making cuts to important things like education and our national health service!) Living in London can be hard for most of us too as it's soo expensive. It's nice to have the odd night out but what’s great is skateboarding doesn't cost much (except for the Oyster fare) and House of Vans and Bay now open up once a month to girls for free which really helps us, so there's no excuses not to skate even when you're broke AF.


XCC: The biggest challenge you’re working through right now (either as a crew or individually):

NSC: A few of the crew members are out with injuries. Twisted pelvises, rolled ankles, broken wrists ... We're there for each other though and will live to skate another day <3.

XCC: On your Facebook page is states Nefarious is a school organization. Where do you see Nefarious going and you all grow up?

NSC: Ha. Aimee is such a joker. This is definitely something that Aimee would have put when creating the facebook page. Only a few of us are still at college or uni, but I hope we stay together til we're all grey and old.


XCC: At X Chrome Collective, we’re all about promoting badass, creative women (which why we love you all), what does your crew do– outside from being women skaters in a dude-dominated sport–to promote likeminded ladies?
NSC: We mingle with lots of other badass women like the VC girls. This summer we're off to camp VC to ride motorbikes and skate a mini ramp. A few of us have also volunteered with SkatePAL, a charity out in Palestine, and help with fundraisers in London too. Also, a big shout out to Long Live SouthBank that's working hard to open up a bit of Southbank previously closed to skaters.

XCC: Being from and living in Chicago (in the states), we also worship good pizza ~bless up~. Describe your perfect ‘za.

NSC: Pizza is Pizza :) It's all perfect and especially nice when we all get together to eat it. Aimee needs a wheat free pizza and Rae has to have one without cheese though (YES it's still a pizza).

XCC: Last question– what bands/music/artists are you obsessed with right now?

NSC: We saw a Jessie Reyez gig in london and she was pretty epic. We're still buzzing she put us on her guest list. Our girl Rae has just launched her own brand 'Hapi Cult' so watch out for that too


Check out the Nefarious Skate Crew on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

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