Raising the Collective Conscious with Mother Nature


When I listened to Mother Nature's single This Yo' Year, I didn't just listen to it, I listened to it on repeat. For 3 hours. The attention grabbing horns, the celebratory lyrics, the beat that makes your hips rock almost on their own–their music is so infectious it feels like it's always been your favorite. With influences such as Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu and Missy Elliot, their songs have a cult-like quality to them that raises the music above musical trends.

What started out as a chance meeting for Klevah and T.R.U.T.H. on a college campus in central Illinois, has become a collboration that defines creativity and positivity. Their message overflows from their music into their community; these inspiring women also run youth workshops throughout Chicago called "The Miseducation of HipHop". Grouded in an educational understanding of the genre, these programs offer attendees (ranging from 12-24) "workshops and activities centered around social and political issues to educate our generation on the pertinent matters that affect their daily lives". We spoke with Mother Nature over email about their work and what's next for the duo on the horizon. 

XCC: How did you two meet? What brought you together to become Mother Nature?

MN: {comic book narration} One fall night on a U of I campus artists of all sorts gathered in a dorm basement to build community and create dope shyt. Klevah and TRUTH entered as strangers, but left in sisterhood. Individually, they started to shake up the town of Champaign & soon began to share orbits. The stars aligned and Mother Nature formed by fate and divine timing.  

XCC: Who and what influences your work?

MN: Everyday Life/personal lives, the fam, the state of our people, the greats: Missy, Lauryn, Jay, Nas, Kendrick, Erykah, Cole, Stevie Wonder, Michael, Lady Day and so many more. Influences can range from the smallest thing, it’s really about understanding. Good and bad plays it’s part in our work.

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XCC: On your website it says your mission is to be a “fearless force in HipHop through peace and love”. Why was that an important stance to take? Why now?

MN: We miss so many opportunities ‘cuz of fear. We want to remove that mindset from our folks. So much comes from dirt, pain, pressure, but instead of letting those things play lead we channel that energy to power the MVMNT. Through all the hurt in our lives we still live by Peace & Love, that’s our compass. Gotta be guided by Light. We push the message to our shorties as well through our nonprofit work, The Miseducation. Mental health has been swept under the rug in the Black & Brown communities and we need to heal more than anybody. Fear is a huge aspect in our collective damage, so we conduct HipHop workshops to teach our kids the power they possess. The music is one side, but connecting on a real level is how we track the impact. Our shorties respond to HipHop and being apart of the culture creates bonds their traditional teachers haven’t tapped into yet or maybe don’t know how.   

XCC: Your work and your name callout the Divine Feminine and the magic of Black womanhood. In your opinion, how can we all access this amazing female power?

MN: Find the God in you. Build community w/ real mu’fuckas. Always strive to be better & don’t give a fuck.

XCC: What is your songwriting process like?

MN: Our process is a field of landmines during a hurricane. We shake the earth til the  explosions detonate. Perfect vibes is a dope beat, comfortable space, and good energy.


XCC:What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned working together?

MN: A few lessons: Trust yourself, don’t settle, know anything is possible & do what’s best/necessary to accomplish the bigger picture.

XCC: You recently dropped your single “This Yo Year” After a hellish 2017, I feel like a lot of people can relate. The song seems to take a bit of a departure from your earlier work, was that a conscious decision or evolution?

MN:The energy of the track is definitely a variation of our earlier work and that’s just our organic vibe. We’re still very early in building the Mother Nature sound, so as we consciously evolve, y’all will hear more of our layers and intersections.

XCC: What are the unique challenges being female in the Rap and HipHop space? How do you continue to vibe higher in spite of setbacks or doubt?

MN: Being women in general is a challenge, but being Black women is our strength even through the BS. HipHop spaces can be hella dope and sometimes incredibly interesting, but discernment is real. We instantly feel when certain situations ain’t for us & we play it accordingly. In order to raise the collective conscious we stay focused on our path and grind it out. We vibe higher ‘cuz we tryna feed the family. Money ain’t the answer, but it’s necessary to put our folks in position. What’s doubt when you tryna rebuild humanity? Know yo goals and go, that’s our blueprint.  


XCC: How does community and collaboration play into your work?

MN: We wouldn’t have no work without community and collaboration lol. We were just homies/sisters before we ever collaborated, but once it happened on a deliberate level we opened a platform to build our world. Longevity only happens through a squad, a team, so meet folks, vibe and create genuine connections. Your aspirations are literally in the hands of you & the homies you align yo’self with.  

XCC: I saw on your IG in January you opened for Joseph Chilliams, Oshun, Ty Dolla $ign & Cupcakke (congrats). What else is on the horizon for Mother Nature?

MN: Much Love, we’ve def had a blessed start to 2018. It’s crazy ‘cuz we spoke all of those shows into existence. Our horizon is global ‘cuz we know our power and most importantly our responsibility to it. HipHop is our tool, so through The Miseducation (non-profit)  and the music we bussin’ moves to show our people we can turn our fuck-ups to our triumphs. Stay in tune with us at MotherNatureBARZ.com & follow us @MotherNatureBARZ on IG, we putting a lot of pieces on the board, so stay in tune.  


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