Welcome to X Chrome Collective


Here goes something.

X Chrome Collective began as three strong, passionate, often flustered but generally badass women looking to connect–and connect with–other like-minded, forward-thinking badasses. No, we’re not influencers who look amazing all the time. We have normal jobs and thus limited funds, vacation time, and hours in the day.

We were inspired by the amazing women in our personal circles to create something outside of ourselves. We felt these talented ladies–and similar circles of femmspirational humans out there–needed a platform to connect and share what’s important to them. This feeling, and a number of email chains, drunken brainstorms, Pinterest boards, and late night dinners spurred the creation X Chrome Collective.

In each issue we’ll be sending you a mix of found and original content. We know there’s an overwhelming amount of articles, artists, undiscovered music, and random products floating out here in the digital space. Too much for any one person to tackle. So we’ll share a few we liked and felt were important for you to browse at your leisure.

We’ll also do our best to feature an interview with a badass lady in each issue, someone who’s a role model in some way or another, whose work and advice we can all take something from. And if that wasn’t enough, our musical guru Amy will be curating fresh playlists to keep you up-to-date on the newest tunes and provide soundtracks for all your moods.

But, this isn’t about us. What do you want to read about? What are you hungry for, curious about, and interested in? Let us know, because this is as much of a learning experience for us as it is for you. We want X Chrome to be collaboration, a community where readers can be writers, designers, poets, and vice versa. 

Thank you again for subscribing and supporting X Chrome Collective. We’re excited to see where this will go and have you along for the ride!  

Bless up, and welcome to the club.


X Chrome Collective